Federal Spending / Debt

  We are crippling the budgets of middle class families to provide luxuries for people, saddling our children and our children’s children to a lifetime of paying off our debt. Living within our means shouldn’t be an extreme position but rather common sense. 

Criminal Justice Reform

  This is probably the biggest single area that we all can find common ground AND make the biggest impact on our society. Treating addiction rather than throwing people in jail is the right thing to do and the fiscally responsible thing to do.


  Healthcare vs Health Insurance – Having health insurance does not improve healthcare. It drives up costs and can often make accessing quality care more difficult.  Healthcare should be between a you and your doctor – without the government. 

Overreaching Federal Government

  The people of Utah know how to solve our problems better than the Federal Government does. We can manage our healthcare, land, education, homelessness, roads, etc better than someone from Washington who has most likely never even been to Utah. 

National Security

  We should target our limited dollars to programs that actually help keep us safe. Bring our troops home to live near their families and let's engage in war only when truly necessary. Why are we sending 18 year old Americans to fight other countries’ civil wars? 


  Taxes are a burden on families. Said Calvin Coolidge on taxes: “A government which lays taxes on the people not required by urgent public necessity and sound public policy is not a protector of liberty, but an instrument of tyranny."