What the L is L?

Life, Love, Liberty and Legalization -  is the politics of LOVE FOR OTHERS - never using violence or the threat of violence to get what you want, or what you think is best for others AND the politics of "you own your own physical body."

Threatening others is violence. Taking others' stuff is violence. Taxation is theft.  Stop hurting other people to get what you say you want, or what you think is best for others. That is the nature of Love, Liberty and Legalization. It is the essence of LIFE itself.

You want social change? Use education and persuasion, not another expansion of government or personal force.  
Libertarian politics are based on two core paradigms of philosophy - the Non Initiation of Aggression Principle (NAP) and Self Ownership.

The Politics of LOVE FOR OTHERS

It's that simple. What you do to or with your physical body in private should be entirely up to you (so long as you don't violate the first non-violence principle above).

Eat, drink, inject, ingest, read, watch, listen, touch, smoke and be in relationship with whoever you want. Note that "violence against others" includes putting others at risk. No driving high, or drunk, or even excessively sleep-deprived. Those are crimes. What you do peacefully in the privacy of your home is (or should be) NO ONE's BUSINESS.

The Politics of PEACE

If you really grok this simple message - really get it at the core of your spirit - the result (at least for me and my fellow Libertarians) is an inner sense of Peace and Love and Trust for others beyond understanding.


Will you go THE FULL L with me?

"I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals."

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